The CAIA has many active committees designed to oversee and promote the various activities of the association.  Member participation is always welcome.  To become involved in a committee, please contact one of the Committee Chairs listed below.

The Legislative Committee serves as a watchdog for legislative and regulatory efforts that affect California agriculture and irrigation. 
Chair: Paul McFadden paul.mcfadden [at] toro [dot] com, Toro Micro-Irrigation

The Membership Committee works to develop and enhance membership benefits and actively seeks new members to the association.
Chairs: Paul Costamagna pcostamagna [at] rainforrent [dot] com, Rain for Rent

The Programs Committee coordinates CAIA activites such as the CAIA Fall Meeting and World Ag Expo Meeting/Dinner.
Paul McFadden paul.mcfadden [at] toro [dot] com, Toro Micro-Irrigation and Jane Townsend jane [at] agamsi [dot] com, CAIA

The Student Resources Committee works to promote the CAIA and the industry as a viable career path for students, interacting with teachers and students at the high school, junior college and university level. The Committee also works to place interns in positions within CAIA member companies and to coordinate scholarships to students enrolled in agricultural irrigation programs at universities and community colleges
Chair: Randy Delenikos randyd [at] lakos [dot] com, LAKOS Filtration Systems